Veronica Martinez


Is a 33 years resident of the Lake Chapala Area, originally from Yahualica Jalisco but, brought to Ajijic by her parents since a child to get a better live. Veronica holds a LCP (Public Accounting Degree) She is dedicated to Property Management Service since 1999 learning the real estate business working 4 ½ years for one of the Best Real Estate Companies in Ajijic, recently she integrates the Condominium Management Service to her service with great pleasure. Well know in the Village as Vero from ROMA and for her strong and well manage character dealing with providers to obtain the best for her clients. Since 26 years old she had dedicated her live between been a mother and manage many of the properties in Lake Chapala, giving her best to watch over for the interest of Owners & Renters. Help to be stress free from the day to day basis of paying all bills not only related to houses but, personal invoices as insurance, personal cellular, doctor bills, etc. Giving Personal Attention is her best task and she loves it. She has manage to integrate people to her team that work together to benefit the customers that come to stay for long time or those that only use her services on a seasonal basis.

Erika Zurita


Erika Zurita is 34 years has a degree in Quality Service. She has six years of customer service. At ROMA she is in charge of Personnel. This includes Legal bonuses, payroll. She also assists with our Plumbers, Electricians, Technicians, Carpenters.Employees. Another important function is assisting Veronica with legal information for clients. Things such as Imss, Immigration, and Employees´ rights, Taxes etc. She is been working at ROMA since 2010 on upgrading Service to Customers. She is the only on the group that speaks Spanish. This doesn´t mean that she is not willing to help as it´s needed.

Tania Hurtado


So dedicate to her job, with experience on inventory control, data capture, ability to solve problems also with 4 years working on clients Attention area. Her goal is to apply her experiences and knowledge in the different areas of the company for a better function. Always happy to help you with anything she can, looking the best for her clients.