Veronica Martinez has been the General Manager for Condominio Los Arroyos since 2015. I have served as a director on our homeowner`s board in Los Arroyos since prior to her initial hire, and have worked closely with her for the last four years. Together, she and the board have made great strides in streamlining processes and procedures for our board and our homeowners.
As part of her responsibilities as our General Manager, Veronica maintains our financial records and prepares monthly Payments for the director`s review and signature. She prepares financial statements for the board`s review, reconciles our budget and accounts on a monthly basis, interfaces with our attorney and accountant to prepare required documentation, and initiates and provides follow-up on issues of safety, comfort and facilities management. She also serves as a primary point of contact between homeowners and matters of interest and importance to the board. In this capacity, Veronica also prepares agendas for monthly board meetings and our Annual General Assembly and schedules independent contractors and professionals, as needed, to ensure that operations flow smoothly at Los Arroyos.
Veronica is always available, by phone or email, to provide feedback and brainstorm issues with board members. She and I regularly work late into the evenings and accomplish much board business after traditional work hours. She is personable and pleasant, reliable and supportive of the board`s goal and mission.
I highly recommend Veronica Martinez in the role of General Manager of a condominium association in the state of Jalisco.

-Joanne Rodriguez

Director, Condominio Los Arroyos, Ajijic, Jalisco

Thank you, thank you, thank you Roma for 10 years of wonderful service for managing my property. I know I can always count on Veronica and her wonderful staff to come to the rescue when I have a problem with my house. The customer service is excellent, always following through and keeping you up to date. Monthly statements are also sent via email so you know exactly where you stand with your monthly expenses. This is very helpful. So if you are planning to buy property or own property, I would highly encourage you to use Roma’s services.

Veronica Martinez has been managing our Ajijic property for approximately ten years. While she was indispensible while we were living in the village, she became that much more valuable and important to us when we moved back to the States approximately three years ago. Since that time, we have relied on Veronica completely to manage our home in Ajijic and she has never let us down. Simply put, we could not manage to have our home in Ajijic without her. For that reason, and so much more, we would gladly and enthusiastically.

Rick Ungar

We spent three and half months in a home that is managed by Roma Rentals. They have been totally helpful, responsive and efficient. We have rented in Lakeside before, and never received this kind of attention from a property manager. Next time we are looking for a rental in the area, our first phone call will be to Veronica and the rest of her terrific staff. We know they take excellent care of their tenants AND the properties they manage.

Jeanette Hauser

We have been very satisfied clients of Roma Property & Management for the past 3 ½ years. We are living in Canada and Chapala handles the household maintenance, garden and the paying of all of our household expenses for our property in Rancho del Oro. Many times we have asked Veronica to act on our behalf and at our request. For example we had an extensive construction on our house, our house has been painted and a new wall constructed. Roma Property & Management always acted on our behalf and kept us updated on the progress and made recommendations when necessary. Over the past year, it came to our attention via our neighbours that our gardener was taking advantage of our absenteeism and only doing the minimum work required. We were not receiving the value for the amount we paid our gardener every month. At our behest, Chapala Rentals facilitated the firing of our gardener Ventura and assisted us in the hiring of a new gardener. We have had outstanding service from both Roma Property & Management; they have gone above and beyond in many instances and would highly recommend them. If you would like a reference please feel free to contact me at phone 905 737 9429 Sincerely.

Lia and Gregg Keeping

Richmond Hill

Ontario Canada

As snowbirds, we have to rely on a property manager to watch over our house, pay helpers and so forth while we are away for 6 months. Since 2009 when we purchased our lakeside house, Veronica and her team at Roma have provided reliable and high quality services for a competitive monthly fee. Veronica and the Roma team (all English speaking) understand our expectations for service, and equally have been able to advise and help me obtain services from local companies such as Telmex and SIMAPA. My Mexican helpers (gardener and maid) trust Roma and feel comfortable in their dealings with the Roma team. The arrangement we have with Roma allows me to transfer funds from my local bank account to their office to cover regular costs as well as for unexpected expenses. There is regular communication from the office each month and when necessary. A couple of years ago there was a break in at our house. Veronica immediately contacted us in Canada and reassured us she had already arranged for repairs to the windows where entry was forced. Both Veronica and her staff were calm and sent us photos to reassure us that the damage was minimal, and we were not to worry. I would not hesitate to recommend property management by Veronica and the Roma team.

Helen Thomas

"Glad I placed my property with Roma. They work person to person and take care of everything. Few worries for me. I recommend them highly."

Chris Brandt

Veronica Martinez has managed my busy property for several years and I couldn't be happier with her services. She is the consummate professional and an excellent problem solver as well as a talented administrator. Veronica's team is capable and professional as well and I welcome this opportunity to recommend her.

Mimi Johnson-Jacobs

We have been very very fortunate to have ROMA Property Management and Veronica Martinez and her staff take care of us, our casa, our jardin, our utility bills, taxes---everything! Since 2004, when we bought our house in Ajijic----ROMA and Veronica have provided excellent, thorough, conscientious service---quickly, efficiently and with utmost integrity! Always friendly and smiling, too. Since we were not retired at the time we bought our home, and still working in Connecticut--- we were only able to come to our Casa a few weeks throughout the year----ROMA and Veronica and her staff were essential to worry free homeownership here at Lakeside. When we retired in 2011---we said to ourselves and family and neighbors----"It just makes living here stress free and so easy----to have Veronica and ROMA continue to take care of all the bills, etc....and at a very reasonable cost." For any repairs and maintenance---one phone call to the office is all it takes! She sends the best people for whatever services we need---from small jobs to very significant, large ones. Veronica takes a personal interest in our satisfaction and welfare. When our Condominio needed a property manager, we highly recommended her---and the administration took our advice! Everyone here in Los Olivos is so happy to have her on our team. All I can add is "We love you! Muchisimas Gracias para todas"

Mark and Bernice Scott

I have rented from ROMA Property Management for 2 years and I'd have to say my experience renting from them was exceptional. Veronica Martinez the owner is was very professional and prompt with scheduling maintenance tasks. She is very responsive, she gets things done when needed, and turnaround time was never an issue. The office vibe is very pleasant and the other associates are very friendly and helpful as well. Thanks again, Veronica and her team for running a professional, responsive, and prompt management company. If you are in need of property management services in the greater Lake Chapala area, I cannot recommend ROMA Property Management enough. They have helped me ensure that my rental property is rented and pulls in a profit and I know they can help you. Give them a call today to get started.

Jennifer Dunn