Ajijic History

Historians tell us that Ajijic was founded in 1522 by Captain Alonso de Avalos. On arrival at San Juan Cutzatlán-now-found Cosalá about somewhat naive Indians which were submitted immediately. At first he had control of all the banks, unless Chapala and Jocotepec. But not long in conquering all populations. Is said to reside in Sayula where he was passing. In this area, five dialects were spoken, language coca, tecuexe, pinome or pinutl, and caxan. It is believed that the name of Ajijic, was a native of the language and pronunciation pinome Axixique original. And so far the oldest name of which is unknown. The translation of Ajijic, like: A place where water flows could be wrong since the Spanish brought with interpreters Nahuatl, and it was they who gave this definition, but they did not know in depth the languages ​​spoken on the banks of Chapala. So there is another definition that could be more exact, it is: Place of seven springs, where the number seven refers to a number of these. After almost ten years back in the year 1531 arrived Fray Martin de Jesus, Fray Miguel de Bologna and Fray Cristobal Vilches of the Franciscan order. Fray Andres Aldama was who changed the name of San Francisco de Ajijic by St. Andrew of Ajijic.