About us

Roma Property Management & Rentals is a full service company whose slogan is:
"Why Not Live in the Lake Chapala Area, Stress Free"

Veronica Martinez

Owner and hands-on manager of the company, is a 20-years resident of the area.
Veronica holds a LCP (Public Accounting Degree).

Eduardo Molina

Originally from Puebla State.  He became ROMA´s Rental Agent/Manager on 2012.
He is well known in the Ajijic Village as he helps the community in organizing many Festivities.
He loves working in the Rental Business.  He enjoys interacting with clients and assisting them with all their needs. His goal is finding the perfect location   for our clients to live in while in this Beautiful Village that has adopted him.
He is on call 24/7 to help new customers his cellular number is (52) 33107 57768.

Erika Zurita

Erika Zurita is 34 years has a degree in Quality Service.  She has six years of customer service.  At ROMA she is in charge of Personnel.  This includes Legal bonuses, payroll. She also assists with our Plumbers, Electricians, Technicians, Carpenters.Employees.  Another important function is assisting Veronica with legal information for clients.  Things such as Imss, Immigration, and Employees´ rights, Taxes etc.
She is been working at ROMA since 2010 on upgrading Service to Customers.   She is the only on the group that speaks Spanish.  This doesn´t mean that she is not willing to help as it´s needed.