Veronica Martinez has been managing our Ajijic property for approximately ten years. While she was indispensible while we were living in the village, she became that much more valuable and important to us when we moved back to the States approximately three years ago. Since that time, we have relied on Veronica completely to manage our home in Ajijic and she has never let us down. Simply put, we could not manage to have our home in Ajijic without her.

For that reason, and so much more, we would gladly and enthusiastically.

We spent three and half months in a home that is managed by Roma Rentals. They have been totally helpful, responsive and efficient. We have rented in Lakeside before, and never received this kind of attention from a property manager. Next time we are looking for a rental in the area, our first phone call will be to Veronica and the rest of her terrific staff. We know they take excellent care of their tenants AND the properties they manage.

Jeanette Hauser

We have been very satisfied clients of Roma Property & Management for the past 3 ½ years. We are living in Canada and Chapala handles the household maintenance, garden and the paying of all of our household expenses for our property in Rancho del Oro.

Many times we have asked Veronica to act on our behalf and at our request. For example we had an extensive construction on our house, our house has been painted and a new wall constructed. Roma Property & Management always acted on our behalf and kept us updated on the progress and made recommendations when necessary.

Over the past year, it came to our attention via our neighbours that our gardener was taking advantage of our absenteeism and only doing the minimum work required. We were not receiving the value for the amount we paid our gardener every month.

At our behest, Chapala Rentals facilitated the firing of our gardener Ventura and assisted us in the hiring of a new gardener.

We have had outstanding service from both Roma Property & Management; they have gone above and beyond in many instances and would highly recommend them.

If you would like a reference please feel free to contact me at or phone 905 737 9429


Lia and Gregg Keeping

Richmond Hill

Ontario Canada

For the past 6 years Veronica Martínez and ROMA Management have handled various services for me including paying monthly bills, applying for visas, routine house management, rentals, supervising remodeling and many other services.
Their professionalism has enabled me to enjoy the mexican experiences without all the frustration of learning the ends and outs of a new culture. I hold Veronica and her staff in the highest regard.

Ann Poucher

My house was the first house Veronica managed and I have no idea how I would have managed without her! I have known Veronica and her entire family for 11 years. 

I have done remodels and new construction at my home all under Veronicas supervision. She is honest, responsible and the people she employs are the same. I have had many guests at my home while I was not here and my direction to them is always 'if there are any problems call Veronica'.

I have recommended her to everyone that I know that has a home here and the ones that have hired her are thrilled at the services she provides.

Living at lakeside is stress free if you have Veronica Martinez managing your home. 

Feel free to call me for any references 7660923

As a Real Estate Agent at Ajijic on Lake Chapala in Mexico, it is critical that I have complete confidence in a person when I recommend them to help my clients with their property management and rental needs the person I recommend is Roma Property & Management.
She recently managed a remodeling project in home to my complete satisfaction.

Thank you Veronica & Roma.

Tony Harries
Ajijic Real Estate
(376 ) 766-2077